It's what your pits have been waiting for
And will love you for!
Earthlette Pit Paste

Earthlette Pit Paste deodrant is made from the highest quality ingredients including a unique blend of essential oils, included not only for their scent, but also for their antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which assist in minimizing the body odour caused by sweat. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients and is free from aluminium and other nasty chemicals. Not only does it smell great, it will also last all day long and won’t stain clothes!


Love this product. The deodorizer component lasts way longer than I expected and it smells great! Will definitely keep using this product.

Gemma, 25

I would and have recommended this product to all my family and friends. It took my poor pits a couple of days to adjust from my old potent deodorant to this beautiful natural product and now I’ll never go back.

Fiona, 27

LOVE this pit paste! By far the best deodorant I’ve used (and I’ve tried a lot). I love the subtle smell and the fact that it lasts all day! Highly recommend.

Tenille, 31

I’ve been using pit paste for the last 5 months and absolutely love this product! I only need to use the paste once a day and it keeps me smelling fresh, even after exercising! I am so glad that I’ve found a chemical free product that actually works!

Natalie, 27

Love love love!! After trying a few natural deodorants my partner and I are so happy to have found pit paste! It works so well on both of us and so cheap compared other similar brands.

Rachael, 27

This product is so great! Smells lovely and it doesn’t stain my clothes or dry out my skin. Would highly recommend!

Grace, 33

I LOVE THIS STUFF! It’s the only deodorant my sensitive skin doesn’t react to, the smell is perfect (I hate artificial, chemically loaded, scented deodorant), it’s cheap (lasts forever) and it’s good for me!

Zoe, 27
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