I tried natural deodorant for 30 days: here’s the verdict…

13 Jul 2020
30 day natural deodorant challenge

Roughly once a year, I throw out my conventional deodorant and “officially” make the switch to natural deodorant. And it lasts about… 3 days, or until I get self-conscious of my ‘natural musk’ and cave for the good of those around me. I’ve known for quite some time that toxins in the average antiperspirant were less than ideal but I figured it was better than potentially wafting my friends, family and total strangers away with bad BO!

After a bit more research I was ready to commit to making the switch for good. It turns out that the aluminium in antiperspirants restricts the normal sweat process by clogging your sweat glands and blocking the sweat from reaching the surface of your skin. The idea that I was impeding a natural bodily process just didn’t sit right with me.

Then I came across Earthlette Pit Paste and I decided it was time to make the switch. Here’s how it went…

Week One

It begins! I applied my first little smear of Pit Paste and embarked on my natural deodorant journey. I think I was expecting instant results, but I knew this was just that, a journey. Day one saw a lot of subtle sniff-checks but no results. No smell, no sweat, no nothing. Maybe I’m the exception to the rule for the adjustment period!?

Ah, such naivety. I spent the next three days feeling very (sorry in advance) moist. Thankfully, it was never to the point where I became uncomfortable or the sweat showed through like a beacon of questionable personal hygiene

The rest of the week was smooth, scentless sailing. Had I done it!? Braved the transition period and come out unscathed? It certainly seemed that way!

Week Two

Week two rolls around, along with a swift realisation that I…well I smelled. I kept applying a pea per pit every day but I was concerned, I could smell myself. Could the people around me smell it? I high-tailed it home to address the sweaty situation. Maybe it was just one bad day, my sweat’s last bid for freedom. I’d be fine tomorrow.

For the next few days, I smelled bad, no two ways about it. Determined to see this through, I did not reach for my old antiperspirant– freeing my body of aluminium and other toxins were worth a few days of funk!

After a few more days, I did what women do. I debriefed with my friends, and was met with an overwhelming show of support. After sharing their own stories with me, it became apparent that this was normal, and I wasn’t about to become a stinky social outcast (they couldn’t even smell me).

I realised the anxiety was part of my own internal feelings towards my sweat, smell and constant worrying what those around me were thinking about me (spoiler alert, people are rarely thinking about you, or your armpits). Having a supportive group to talk this out with helped me to shift my perspective, and move forward with renewed pit persistence!

Week Three

The end of week two was uneventful. The initial ‘eau de me’ was fading, but definitely still making itself known I was starting to get impatient. All I want is fresh pits, I’ve been putting in the time, where were my results!

Talking with a fellow natural deodorant convert she mentioned hitting a similar roadblock on her own journey. She suggested trying a clay detoxing mask (that’s right, it’s not just for breakouts!).

I consulted Google for “armpit detox” and uncovered a treasure trove of information. Detoxing your armpits essentially speeds up the detox process that happens when making the switch to natural deodorant. The directions are incredibly simple: mix one-part Bentonite clay with one-part apple cider vinegar (ACV), add a few drops of water to improve the texture and apply under your arms for about 5-20 minutes like you a regular clay face mask. The clay helps unclog pores and tissues on a deeper level than just soap and water, and the antibacterial properties in the ACV help remove odour-causing bacteria. Could THIS be my answer?

Anticipation high, I made my mix, spread it on, and after letting it sit about 10 minutes, showered the mask off. My skin was a little irritated, but I’d read the mask can cause redness due to increased blood-flow and the clay being particularly drying. Off to dreamland I went, and the next day, I was thanking the armpit angels.

I didn’t sweat! I continued my day as normal, strutting my stink-free stuff, albeit with a healthy dose of apprehension. By that evening though I was sure I’d conquered the proverbial body odour beast.

By day 22, everything seemed to balance out. After a long and busy day, I’d still get the odd odour, but sweating after exerting yourself is normal, so I’m proud to call myself a natural deodorant new convert!

The Pit Paste Verdict:

After a positive, yet initially somewhat tumultuous experience, and some reassurance from friends, I’m all about the natural deodorant life! This week marks my second month using Earthlette Pit Paste and I’m not going to stop any time soon. No shirt stains, I’m supporting a local business and I’m keeping the sweaty stink at bay using natural ingredients over pore-blocking chemicals. I’d call that a huge success!

Want to get all the facts before you embark on your own journey? You can learn more about the detox process here, and check out Earthlette’s online store for Pit Paste and other great products.


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  2. This is fab! Great blog, love the honesty and very informative. Have to agree, I’m a huge pit paste fan!!!

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