13 Jul 2020
30 day natural deodorant challenge

Roughly once a year, I throw out my conventional deodorant and “officially” make the switch to natural deodorant. And it lasts about… 3 days, or until I get self-conscious of my ‘natural musk’ and cave for the good of those around me. I’ve known for quite some time[…]

13 May 2020
Coconut Oil

It’s no secret that the world went (coco)nuts for coconut oil. Often people are quick to try and burst the hype bubble around jack-of-all-trades products, but with coconut oil, it simply can’t be done. This little natural powerhouse has your beauty routine covered, from the top of your[…]

1 May 2020

Let’s face it, body odour is the pits. And when you feel a little more funky than fresh, it can really ruin your day. With so many options out there to help combat the smelly sweats, it can be a little overwhelming. Often, the preference is to choose[…]