Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Pit Paste?

These days, when it comes to protecting yourself from unpleasant, head turning body odour there are many options. A lot of people think the most effective products are antiperspirants. What’s the difference? Antiperspirants keep you from sweating, while deodorant helps to mask the odours that are caused when sweat interacts with the bacteria on your skin.

When making the decision between antiperspirant and deodorant, consider these facts:

  • Perspiring is a natural function of the human body and helps with temperature regulation as well as balancing salt levels.
  • Sweat DOESN’T smell.
  • The bad smells that can come from your underarms are actually caused by bacteria on the skin’s surface interacting with fats and proteins in the sweat secretions.
  • Antiperspirants work by blocking the sweat glands, limiting how well your armpit is able to regulate your temperature and expel toxins from your body.
  • Antiperspirants contain nasty chemicals and aluminium based products that can irritate sensitive skin and also interfere with your body’s regulatory function.

How does it work?

All natural deodorants, including Earthlette Pit Paste aim to reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin using natural ingredients. Bad body odour is not caused from sweat itself but actually from the skin’s bacteria reacting with the fats and proteins carried in sweat secretions. Rather than trying to stop you from perspiring by blocking sweat glands (with nasty chemicals), Pit Paste is designed to naturally neutralize odours and keep your pits happy.

What is Earthlette Pit Paste actually made of?

Pit paste is made of a unique blend of coconut oil, shea butter, bicarbonate soda, white clay powder, arrowroot flour, rose geranium oil, wild cypress oil, grapefruit oil, lime oil and lavender oil.

These ingredients have a combination of antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties with the added bonus of a pure scent from the combination of essential oils. Did we also mention that it is 100% vegan and cruelty-free?!

Could I be allergic to pit paste?

Pit Paste is unlikely to cause any allergic reactions. However, as a result of the alkalinity of the bicarbonate soda in the deodorant the pH balance of the skin may be upset, causing a mild irritation of the skin for some people.

If you suspect you may get an irritation from bicarb soda, we suggest trying Sensitive Pits which is bicarb free and hypo-allergenic instead!

What should I do if I do have a bad reaction to Pit Paste?

Firstly, ask yourself if you shaved your underarms less than thirty minutes prior to applying the deodorant as this can also be a cause of irritation for those with sensitive skin.

If this is not the case, don’t panic! Before throwing in the towel and thinking natural deodorants just aren’t for you, PLEASE TRY THIS REMEDY!!

All you need are two simple ingredients:

  1. Apple cider vinegar
  2. distilled (or well filtered) water

How to use it: mix 1 tablespoon of ACV to 1 cup of distilled (or well filtered) water in a small container, a little spray bottle would be ideal. Prior to applying Pit Paste, dab the mixture onto your skin and rub it onto your underarm to rebalance the skin. Wait for it to dry and then apply your deodorant as usual.

Does Earthlette Pit Paste need to be stored specially?

No. However, we recommend storing below 25 degrees Celcius because the deodorant is made of 100% natural produce as the consistency will be affected by external temperatures. If it’s cold and the pit paste has hardened, run it under warm water for about 10 seconds. Alternatively, if the weather is warmer and the pit paste is runny, just pop it in the fridge for a bit!

What is the shelf life of Pit Paste?

Pit paste should last for at least six months. It will still be ok to use after this time however you may notice that it becomes slightly less effective.

Are Earthlette products stocked in any retail stores?

Yes! You can now find Earthlette Pit Paste at:

  1. Eka Wholefoods, Seddon (VIC).
  2. Apples & Sage, Balwyn (VIC).
  3. WoodHouse Cafe, Geelong (VIC).
  4. Valerie’s Pantry, Geelong (VIC). 
  5. Localized, Richmond (VIC).
  6. Rose St Pantry, Fitzroy (VIC).
  7. The Clean Food Store, Subiaco (WA).

See our full list of stockists here.

We also attend markets around Fitzroy, Mornington, Balnarring and Frankston area between October – April, as well as the Melbourne based vegan markets.  Specific market dates and locations are always listed on our Instagram and Facebook page – follow us to be kept in the loop!