Natural Deodorant: Putting the pit myths to bed

1 May 2020

Let’s face it, body odour is the pits. And when you feel a little more funky than fresh, it can really ruin your day. With so many options out there to help combat the smelly sweats, it can be a little overwhelming. Often, the preference is to choose a product that doesn’t just mask the smell (a deodorant) but prevents sweating altogether (an antiperspirant). And fair enough, if you have an issue why not stop it at the source? But spoiler alert, it’s not your sweat that smells!

Wait, so then why DO I smell?

Everyone’s body chemistry is different. Your personal body odour is determined by your diet, your hormones, your genetics, your lifestyle, your mood, your wardrobe… you get it. Basically your skin is covered with little microbes, known as your “skin flora.” These little guys are one of your skin’s first defences against infection and can actually help your immune system. And, they don’t smell. Again, neither does your sweat! It’s the combination of the two that produce an odour. The bad smells that can come from your underarms are caused by your skin flora interacting with the fats and proteins in your sweat as it leaves your body.

Let’s talk about sweat, baby. Natural deodorant vs. antiperspirant

It might make us a little uncomfortable, but the truth is, sweating is a natural (and necessary) bodily function. It helps to regulate your body temperature, remove toxins, and even support your immune system. As mentioned earlier, the fundamental difference between antiperspirants and deodorants, it that while they both aim to help you manage your body odour, antiperspirants actually keep you from sweating. Chemicals in the antiperspirant block the sweat glands, limiting how well your armpit is able to regulate your temperature and expel toxins from your body.

Natural deodorants (like Earthlette) mask the smells that are caused when sweat interacts your skin flora. Ingredients like baking soda make your skin too alkaline for the skin flora to feed on the proteins and fats delivered through your sweat—so, no smell! Essential oils such as lavender and lime are antibacterial and function in a similar way, creating a hostile environment for the bacteria.

Is Earthlette for me?

If you’re looking for a natural product to help neutralise your body odour, look no further! It won’t stop you sweating, but Earthlette’s special blend of ingredients helps to mask unpleasant odours, while being kind to your pits. Have sensitive skin? There’s a paste for that too! We’ve got an ap-pit-tite for supporting all pit types. Made by hand in small batches, it’s got nothing but good stuff. You can check out the full list of ingredients here, but at Earthlette we think our products should stay like our bodily functions, all natural!

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